• 2UBES VTX Push-Pull Dual Triode WiFi Remote Control Tube Microphone Preamplifier -$2000 USD MSRP •

The 2UBES VTX is a modern adaptation of a classic 60's push-pull microphone preamplifier design from a vacuum tube recording console, using custom designed audio transformers and controlled remotely via WiFi. It has two modes, "Clean" and "Glow" which changes the first stage plate load from passive to active. "Clean" is a classic honest Triode sound. "Glow" mimics a Pentode tube for something more retro. Two useful sounds. Push-Pull design also sounds different than the more common single-ended tube mic preamp designs out there. Different harmonics.

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Motorized Potentiometer provides smooth, transparent remote gain adjustment.

Really flat frequnecy response out to 40 KHz.



Bar Graph level metering or Classic OG analog VU meter on OLED screen. Clear, visible illuminated pushbuttons. Remote AC transformer puts the hum far away.


Hand Built with loving care.


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VTX Features:

•  Fully Balanced 2 Tube Triode Push Pull Design.

•  Ample headroom of greater than +27 dBu output before output clipping.

•  Custom-Designed Audio Transformers. 

•  Clean/Glow switch which mimics a pentode tube in "Glow" setting.

•  Motorized Gain Potentiometer and relay control of functions allows full remote operation.

•  Remote Operation lets you to place the VTX Tube Mic Preamp near the mic and return to the control room at line level for a shorter mic cable,  better signal integrity and less noise.

•  All control changes are always written to memory so the unit always powers back up just as you left it. 

•  Full WiFi Connectivity for remote smartphone operation and DAW control directly or via optional Gateway/Router.

• Two output levels: normal +4 dBu, and a -10 dB output attenuator for flexibility and ability to overdrive the input, if desired. 

•  +15 dB FET Gain Stage for ribbon mics and other low level sources.

•  1/4" Direct Instrument Hi-Z Input.

•  -15 dB Mic Input Pad. 

•  60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz Low Cut Filter

•  Signal Polarity Reverse (Phase).

• + 48 Volt Phantom Power with muting function on output during switching.

•  External Low Voltage 12 VAC power source for safety and hum reduction.

•  Bright, crisp OLED display with both bar graph and classic analog meter simulation.

•  Optional Multi-Preamp Gateway/Router allows up to 8 VTX preamps to be operated from a single phone screen.

•  Full storage and recall of your favorite session settings by name with optional Gateway.

•  One Year Full Warranty, Materials and Labor.

•  Made right here in the United States using real Old World Craftsmanship. 


VTX Specifications:

Dimensions: 9"x 5"x 2"

Max Gain: 57 dB

Tubes: (2) 12AX7 / ECC83

Max output at 1% THD: +27.5 dBu

Signal to Noise: 81 db Unweighted.

Maximum Input Level: +12 dBu padless.

Total Harmonic Distortion + N: .021% @ +4 dBu

SMPTE Intermodulation Distortion (IMD): .02% @ +4 dBu

Frequency Response: 20HZ -.5 dBr, 40 kHz -.2 dBr Referenced to 1 kHz.

Microphone Input Impedance: 1900 Ohms

Instrument Input Impedance: 50k Ohms

Output Impedance: 600 Ohms

Low-Cut Frequency: 60, 120, 240 Hz

Power: 120 VAC .12A


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