• 2UBES VTX-1 Push-Pull Dual Triode Tube Microphone Preamplifier with WiFi Remote Control •


The 2UBES VTX is a modern adaptation of a classic 60's push-pull microphone preamplifier design from a vacuum tube recording console. It uses custom designed audio transformers, is managed by a microcontroller and controlled remotely via WiFi if desired. It has two modes, "Clean" and "Glow" which changes the first stage plate load from passive to active. "Clean" is a classic honest Triode sound. "Glow" mimics a Pentode tube for something more retro. Two useful sounds. Push-Pull design also sounds different than the more common single-ended tube mic preamp designs out there. Different harmonic content as Push-Pull tends to cancel even harmonics and sum the odd harmonics..


Motorized Potentiometer provides smooth, transparent remote gain adjustment via slider control.

sweepGreat Frequency Response:  -.38dB at 41.2 kHz.  Low Distortion: .018% THD + N @ 1 kHz

• Bar Graph level metering or Classic OG analog VU meter on OLED screen.

• Clear, visible illuminated pushbuttons.

• Remote AC power transformer puts the hum far away.

• Front panel Direct Input jack loves bass and guitars.

• Extra +15dB JFET Boost Stage up front brings those low level ribbon mics out of the mud.

• Highpass filters are 60, 120 and 240 Hz.

• -15 dB pad tames hot sources and allows use as line amp.

• 10 dB Output Pad allows front end to be overdriven for effect.

• Silent 48 Volt Phantom Power switching. 


Hand Crafted in Small Batches with loving care in Fort Lauderdale Florida USA.